Hi Mika, if you’re reading this you are probably going through my likes.

I’m writing this to tell you that I’ve never felt this way I feel about you, towards anyone else. I’m so damn hopelessly in love with you. There’s just so much I love about you and I’ve just never felt anything close to this with anyone.

From the moment you’ve stepped in my life I don’t think there’s a day that has gone by where you haven’t made me smile.

I’ve never wanted anyone as bad as I want you, and I want all of you, selfishly, for myself.

Even though I don’t like labels I don’t care and I want you to be my girl.

I love you so damn much Candice “Mika” Chan!

Msg me on line if your answer is yes lol.
(I wish there was a better way for me to do this but I’ve hit a rough spot financially …)